hiya! AUTOSTEREOGRAM is a homespun micro-label solely releasing my own work.
i make beats under the moniker Elm Maxell and organic electronic music as Jaew.
open for any music/audio commisions, check out my work page below!


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Latest News


Jaew - "disembodiment songs" / new album out now!

It's ten tracks, 38 minutes, and features the frontpaged tune "springwise". It's a detailed, lush, playful, melancholy, and personal collection of genre-free organic electronic short stories.

It touches on elements of IDM, lo-fi hip hop, ambient, folk, wonky, downtempo, house, and more.

I really love these songs and hope you do too.

It's available for streaming and download on Bandcamp and will be on Spotify in a few days.

Thanks for checking it out <3

Available for Work

Open for any and all music/audio related work!

Hey there! My name’s Johnathan, I'm a musician, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from the southern US, and I make music under the AUTOSTEREOGRAM umbrella.

Since 2018 I’ve released close to 30 albums and EPs, all under a variety of aliases and genres.

I am open to just about any music or audio related work, big or small!


These days, I feel that my specialty lies in electronic music with an organic heart, but I've been genre hopping ever since I was a little kid. Combine that with an obsession for learning any instrument I could get my hands on, and I've dipped my toes in a countless number of styles.

Online, I've released everything from vaporwave, house, lo-fi hip hop, abstract rap, glitch, ambient, and dance, but that's just the tip of the iceberg as far as styles I'm comfortable working with. DnB, country, industrial, chiptune, synthwave, rock of all shapes and sizes (from midwest emo to hardcore punk), techno, even classical, I've written a lot of stuff.

So, whether you need something acoustic or electronic, retro or modern, lo-fi or hi-fi, I'm confident that I can write it. Here's some mostly unreleased examples from my back catalog!

(sidenote: some of the mixes aren't up to par with what i'd do today, but the songwriting still holds up!)


  • Springwise - A brand new tune that showcases my organic/electronic crossover style, with elements from IDM, hip hop, ambient, and dance music. Features a mixture of laptop sounds and live instrumentation, too, with lots of guitars layered with synths, field recordings I made, glitches I spent way too long sound designing, and more.
  • Fear Nocturne, No. 1 - An impressionist piano piece I wrote, recorded, and performed in one night. Wish I had access to a real acoustic piano.
  • Friends - An alt-country/indie folk tune I wrote but was never able to get lyrics or a solid vocal melody on. Twangy fingerpicked guitars, lap steel, and Mellotron, mixed down to cassette, hence the overall fuzziness.
  • Battle Theme - Yup, a MIDI orchestrated battle theme for an RPG influenced by SNES classics! Composed for a game dev friend who I've sadly lost touch with. Haven't heard anything about the game this was intended for since I wrote it :/
  • Feign This - Fast, dancey, industrial-ish IDM beat! Ended up repurposed as a remix of a track by my homies G://Anon.
  • Sepulcher - Super old synthwave tune, definitely heavily inspired by classic John Carpenter scores.
  • Fishhook - Another folky country-ish tune from the same unfinished album as Friends, but darker and weirder than that one. Dubby delay and Omnichord samples bring some different flavor.
  • Madotsuki - Chiptune infused IDM/drill n bass! As the title suggests, in addition to the chiptunes I wrote, there's some Yume Nikki samples in there.
  • Cascader - A piece on classical guitar I wrote after listening to a lot of American Primitive players, like Fahey and Mason Lindahl, although this tune is probably too sweet and sentimental to fit into that genre.
  • Apart - Good old lo-fi hip hop, with a super obscure folk sample, warm textures, and wonky drums. A mug of warm milk and a big blanket for your ears.
  • Tumbledown - On the flipside of that last lo-fi beat, this one's much darker, melancholy, and progressive. Closer to old school downtempo or trip hop than modern instrumental hip-hop.
  • Stigmata - Glitchy, breakbeat-y, dancey tune, with IDM drums and rock guitars. Made it for some Cyberpunk 2077 music contest, but saw that there was a 2 minute limit after I finished, so I never submitted it.
  • Oh, Darling - Funky house/nu-disco with a short attention span, influenced by plunderphonics and Shibuya-kei. A ridiculous number of samples were packed into this.


In addition to composing music, I'm also open to work on sound design! I have a massive love for field recordings and foley, and I work those sorts of things into almost all of my own music.

Providing an example for something as varied as sound design is kinda tricky, so here's a few random samples taken from my folders of custom sounds. Field recordings and synthetic glitchy stuff.

Sound Design


Lastly, while it's most definitely not my main focus, I have done some voice work as well, including a fair bit of work for my college, hosting their radio station and recording ad reads. I'm no pro voice actor, but hey, if you hire me for some composing and need some additional voice work done, I'd be happy to do it!

Here's a show I wrote and performed 100% live on my college's radio station about the history of sampling in hip-hop!

STOLEN SOUNDS - episode 0 - WNIA 89.1 FM Big Bang Radio


If any of this has caught your eye, please do get in touch! You can message me here on Newgrounds, email me at jw@autostereogrammusic.com, or contact me through my Twitter, @_autostereogram.

I can work with a variety of budgets, and (depending on the complexity of the project, of course) have quick turnarounds!


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