hiya! AUTOSTEREOGRAM is a homespun micro-label solely releasing my own work.
i make beats under the moniker Elm Maxell and organic electronic music as Jaew.
open for any music/audio commisions, contact me!


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Posted by AUTOSTEREOGRAM - June 30th, 2023

Jaew - "disembodiment songs" / new album out now!

It's ten tracks, 38 minutes, and features the frontpaged tune "springwise". It's a detailed, lush, playful, melancholy, and personal collection of genre-free organic electronic short stories.

It touches on elements of IDM, lo-fi hip hop, ambient, folk, wonky, downtempo, house, and more.

I really love these songs and hope you do too.

It's available for streaming and download on Bandcamp and will be on Spotify in a few days.

Thanks for checking it out <3


Posted by AUTOSTEREOGRAM - June 25th, 2023

well my disillusionment with social media only increases every day, but i really do like connecting with people.

so, i'm gonna try and be more active over here.

ANYWAY, first things first, i have a brand new album coming out on the 30th!

it's called "disembodiment songs" and i'm releasing it under the name Jaew.

Jaew is a new project for me, and I decided to release these songs under a new moniker as sort of a fresh start and new perspective on things. unlike a lot of the stuff i've released under the name Elm Maxell for instance, these songs are suuuuper ornate, detailed, and kinda artsy. i felt i needed to draw a line between a name that i'm operating as an art project and borderline resume (yes, for real lol) vs. a name i can put out quick, simple lofi beat tapes under.

so, yea! album on the 30th, and i have a teaser track/single called "springwise" out right now on Bandcamp and right here on NG! it recently got frontpaged which is awesome, tysm NG for still being sick to this day <3

ALSO, i'm really trying to get some composition and/or sound design work. i absolutely love doing it, but don't get many opportunities to do it. so, i finally put up a page on the Collabinator with all the details and a whole host of audio examples of the countless genres i've dipped my toes in. do check it out!

yeah i think that's about it! lots of collabs down the line too, mostly rap stuff with my homies Hoodie Hilltop, Vernie In Hell, and fellow NGer PKSkyler.

see u soon <3


Posted by AUTOSTEREOGRAM - June 10th, 2022

yo! check out my new EP called Shockwave on Bandcamp, Spotify, or anywhere else.

4 tracks of funky sample-based house. if you like The Avalanches, Shibuya-kei, or the Jet Set Radio OST, you might dig it.



Posted by AUTOSTEREOGRAM - March 5th, 2022

hello, i've got another new album out right now on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere else.

it's called "mottainai", 20 tracks of raw glitchy lofi hip hop beats.

check it out!



Posted by AUTOSTEREOGRAM - January 14th, 2022

super hyped to announce my new album "sun fangs, vol. 1", releasing on February 6th!

it's a 22 track plunderphonic odyssey across glitch hop, boom bap, lofi, trip hop, and various other styles of hip hop beats.

check out the first single "no reason to cry" featuring Phoenix, AZ rapper Lord Ra on Bandcamp, Spotify, or any other streaming service!